Sales and Marketing

Marketing is the process of developing an integrated communication that aims to provide information about the goods or services in relation to satisfying human needs and desires.

Marketing starts with the fulfillment of human needs which then grew into a human desire. For example, a human being needs water to meet the needs of thirst. If there are thirst for a glass of water it needs will be met. But humans do not just want to meet her needs but also to fulfill his wish is for example a glass of clean water brands Aqua and portability. So this man chose a bottle of Aqua in accordance with the requirements in accordance with the thirst and desire that is also easy to carry.

Process in fulfilling the needs and desires of human beings that is the concept of marketing. Starting from the fulfillment of the product (product), pricing (price), delivery (place), and promoting the goods (promotion). Someone who works in the field of marketing is called marketing. Marketers should have knowledge of the concepts and principles of marketing to the marketing activities can be achieved in accordance with human needs and desires of consumers, especially the intended party.

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