Google Penguin 3.0 officially rolled out

Google has confirmed that what SEOs and webmasters noticed was indeed Penguin related but as a result of the "ongoing" Penguin rollout. Yes, Penguin 3.0 rollout that started in October is still not complete. And Google confirms Penguin rollout continued Into Thanksgiving Day.

Google Panda 4.0 Update

As we saw earlier, on May 21, 2014 Google has released Panda 4.0 as announced by Matt Cutts via Twitter:

Panda algorithm is designed to prevent websites with poor content to get a good ranking in the SERP.

Google PageRank Update 6 December 2013

Today among webmasters / bloggers were struck with the PageRank update by Google. The first update in 2013 was in February.

Previously Matt Cutts made ​​a statement that he would be surprised if there is another PR update for 2013, a statement that makes some people believe that the new PageRank update will be done again in 2014.

Check your site PR using our tool here.

PageRank Update February 2013

A few days ago, Google PageRank has been updated, precisely on the 4th of February 2013. As in previous months, this would be the most eagerly awaited by the site owner.

For this directory there is no significant change because previously, this directory already has enough PageRank. Hopefully these directories provide significant benefits to your site's ranking.

We release

To complement this site and some of our other sites, we decided to create a forum. By using a separate domain, it is expected to facilitate the management of this board easily.

Like most of our sites, the forum based on Drupal platform, is considered as the platform will ensure better continuity forum. The majority of the topics related to the world of the Internet. Visit our new forum here.

Google PageRank Update August 2012

Today, the 2nd of August, Google has done PageRank Update after more than two months have passed since the last PageRank update in May. No changes on the homepage of the site, significant improvement happen in the main category of this directory, now the majority have PR of 6.

Congratulations to our subscribers who have their PageRank increased at this time. To make sure whether your site PR increased or not, you can check your site PageRank here.

Replacement for Google Directory

Google directory has been retired some time ago, and now replaced by Google Places or for more specific is Google Places for Business, you can claim your business listing on Google for free of charge.

In addition to Google's directory there are also other directories that you can consider such as DMoz, Yahoo Directory, or even our SEOzoic business directory. Here is a brief comparison of the three directories:

Directory search feature improved

A few days ago we replaced our standard search feature with Google Custom Search. Expected when someone does a search to get the right category then the result will be more relevant.

Due to the Google Custom Search gives the result by using a page that is indexed, then this is a distinct advantage for those who want to listed their websites on this directory.

Create high quality listing for your own benefit

Creating a unique description is a great way to improve the quality of your listing. With its unique content, then your listing will be quickly indexed and have a good ranking in the SERP and will indirectly increase your website ranking as well.

There are several examples of business listings that deserve as a guide, here are a few of them:

We launch Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank checker

Today we launch our own Google Pagerank and Alexa Rank checker. This tool will check the Google PageRank and Alexa Rank with ease and fast. We allow you to check any sites ranking up to 5 URLs at once.

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