Web Hosting

Web hosting is the service that provides Internet users with a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. It is an analogy of "lodging or hotel accommodations or rooms" where one occupies a specific place, in this case the analogy hosting or Web hosting refers to place a web page, website, system, email , etc. files. Internet or more specifically on a server usually hosts multiple applications or web pages.

The companies that provide space on a server to its clients are often referred to the English term web host.

The web hosting but not necessarily a service, has become a lucrative business for Internet companies around the world.

It can be defined as "a place for your website or emails," but this definition simplifies conceptually the fact that web hosting is actually space on the Internet for virtually any type of information, whether files, systems, e-mails , videos etc.

SEO Hosting: Hosting for SEO Purposes

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