Human Resources

Human resources or commonly abbreviated to human potential embodied in human beings to realize their role as social beings are adaptive and transformative that can manage themselves and all contained in the natural potential to achieve well-being of the order of life in a balanced and sustainable. In practical everyday terms, HR is more understood as an integral part of systems that make up an organization. Therefore, studies in psychology, HR practitioners must take penjurusan industries and organizations.

As a science, studied in HR management or human resources (HRM). In the field of science, the synthesis occurs between management science and psychology. Given the structure of human resources in industry organizations studied by the science of management, while the man was a subject the perpetrator is a field of scientific study of psychology.

Today, the latest development of human resources is not viewed as a mere resource, but rather in the form of capital or assets of the institution or organization. Because it then comes out of the new term HR (Human Resources), which is H.C. or Human Capital. HR seen here not just as a major asset, but a valuable asset and could be multiplied, developed (compare with the investment portfolio) and not the other way as well as liability (expenses, cost). Here the perspective of HR as an investment for the institution or organization is more prominent.

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